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The Company of Choice for Those Looking for More Than Just Another Security Company.

We are committed to consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations.

With all the security companies out there, it can be virtually impossible to navigate the private security market. Today’s market requires an independent, experienced security company who will protect you, your clients and your assets from the outside world. We believe you deserve a security company advocate who will represent your business and provide safe environment for you and your clients. Becoming an EPG client grants you a team of security professionals. We listen to your business needs and advise you of coverage that is tailored to the risk that your business faces. With Edifice, you gain the tools and resources you need to take control of your safety.

Our Team

Sam Gorodistian

President & Chief Executive Officer

Gary Poynor

Vice President

Emanuel Smith III

Director Of Payroll & HR

Todd Croal

Marketing Manager

Yaisha Kennedy

HR Office Manager

Cary Robinson

Regional Manager

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