Our transition process:

  • Initial meeting and site review.
  • Identify security procedures, technology and equipment used, Uniform requirements and forms.
  • Recruiting manpower- first we retain qualified talent from the existed man-power on site, second we recruit new applicants to fill up the open spots, conduct interviews, verify they are licensed with the state license requirement, making final decision with client involvement.
  • Hiring paper work (HR), payroll, and uniform order.
  • Equipment and technology establishment.
  • Orientation and on-site training covering post orders, client policies & emergency and safety procedures (on-site training check list and exam).
  • Executed seamless transition on the due date.
  • On-going contact with the client to get feedback and answer any concerns that arise.
  • Monitoring performance closely through continuous operations oversight, frequent inspections and communication with the supervisor on site.
  • Site supervisor has direct access to the general account manager and/or regional office.

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