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Major cities in the nation are often defined by their most iconic buildings. Distinctive in stature and structure, these “premier properties” command the highest levels of service and operational expertise; nothing less than 
top-notch will do. Recognizing this, Edifice Protection Group has distinguished itself to provide the caliber of sophisticated security management required by these prestigious properties managers nationwide.

Security Service Transition

Companies are sometimes reluctant to switch long-time security contractors because they anticipate the transition will be difficult. Edifice Protection Group has proven to its clients that transfer of operation could be seamless.

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Armed Security Service

Edifice Protection Group provides armed security service per client selection. Candidates for armed security service assignments are often subject to additional requirements established by the client and/or local or state regulations. Our hiring process guarantees that employees meet every single requirement without exception.

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Unarmed Security Service

Our unarmed, uniformed security officers provide security patrols, systems monitoring, policy enforcement and incident response in many environments and settings. They often occupy highly visible positions, where public relations and customer service skills are essential. Our employee selection and security officer training programs are designed to develop candidates with strong communication skills into capable security officers and customer service ambassadors.

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Uniformed Security Services

Edifice Protection Group deploys uniformed security officers to protect life, property and information for clients around the country.

Our uniformed Security Officers are ambassadors and representatives of the tenants and management of our clients’ facilities, often serving as the primary interface between building occupants and visitors – creating a Positive First Impression – through the management of perimeter security, access control, visitor management and security measures throughout the facility.

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