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Our Business Standards

At Edifice Protection Group, we live and breathe security.

Security is a business of conduct, where integrity and abiding by a chain of command stands at the center of success.  While some security companies apply a one-size-fits-all approach, we strive to empower our associates to think outside-of-the-box to provide our clients with specific solutions to their security needs.

Our corporate values serve as our foundation. These values are timeless and transcend all markets, service lines, and business cultures.

Our clients hire us because they trust us. They seek our expertise and guidance in making their work environment and assets safe. Every day, around the nation, we stake our reputation on fulfilling this duty.

Accessible and affordable services

We understand that security has to be both reliable and affordable.  And so, EPG constantly reviews the service we provide related to what we charge to ensure that our services are both accessible and cost effective.

Welcoming approach

Security associates are often called “Greeters and Protectors,” and often, the biggest challenge in the security business is where you draw the line between providing security and welcoming outsiders. EPG empowers its associates to be courteous but also vigilant.